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Reading To Kitty

Reading To Kitty

Jet can create pretend food out of almost anything. On this occasion, she had some memory game cards. I picked up her stuffed cat to sit down on the couch.

“Kitty wants to play my game. Put her back in her seat Grandma!”

“How do you know she wants to play?”

“She told me.”

“What else did she tell you?”

“Grandma, Kitty can’t talk.”

“She can’t? “ As far as I could tell, Kitty had always been completely real. Almost since the day she arrived, Kitty had been Jet’s special friend.

“No, she can’t really talk. That’s just me. I’m using my voice for her. She can’t talk by her own self.”

“What about Bunny? Can she talk?” Jet often brings a friend for Kitty when she comes to Grandma’s house. The most frequent visitors are Penguin, ‘Pottomus, and Fox. Bunny usually stays home. None of them have human names.

“No, she can’t talk either unless she uses my voice.”

“So talking helps makes you real?” I felt surprised and more than a little sad that Kitty had lost some of the magic that made her real.

“Yes. Sophia is real too. She has an amulet on her chest that you push and she can talk by her own self. “

“Are you real?”

“Yes. I can talk.”

“Is Papa real? “


“Am I real?”

“Yes. Fairies aren’t real though. These ones are just on my jammies.”

“Your penguin?”

“Yes, he’s real. All three of them. I have three of them now.”

“Well that’s interesting.” The demarcation between fantasy and reality was apparently not completely clear. “Can Kitty feel sad?”

“Yes. When you close her eyes like this she is sad.”

In real life, Kitty does not have eyes that open and close. “Can Kitty feel happy?”


“Do you love Kitty?”

“Yes, I love her SO much!”

I don’t know about Jet, but deep down, I think I still believe that love can make things real.