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“Dance, Grandma! Do the song from the Music movie.”

Grandma’s Kitchen Dance

Jet is eating a nice lunch. This tells me she is feeling better, so I am happy to comply, finding the words as I go along:

Blueberry yogurt and hotdogs no mustard,
Raspberry Jell-O and pudding not custard,
Strawberry applesauce with cold green beans,
These are the best things that Jet’s ever seen!

 My imitation of Julie Andrews twirling on the mountaintop is marginal, but good enough for Jet. “More — do some more!”

 Cheddar jack cheese sticks and daily dried prunes,
Eating some oatmeal on a Mickey Mouse spoon,
Story time, bath time and songs Grandma sings,
These are a few of Jet’s favorite things!

“That’s all I can think of for now.”

“That’s okay. I’m done. Clean me.”

“Clean me please.”

“Okay, Clean me up please.”

“Okay, story time next what books will we read?”

“Mommy and I like to dance for daddy while he is eating his dinner.”

Jet’s Ballet Dance

I know Jet is procrastinating, but I can’t help myself. She’s captured my imagination. “You do?”

“Yes, daddy eats his dinner and we get up and dance.”

“What sort of dances do you do?” I pull out my phone. I don’t want to miss this!

“Well, I dance like this.” Jet demonstrates a ballet move.

“Mommy dances like this.” Jet pulls her arms closer to her body.

Mommy’s Dance

Warming to the topic she expands the dance team. “Jack and Owen dance like this!” She closes her fists and shakes them.

The Brothers’ Dance

“Great, that’s good dancing, but, it is nap time now, let’s get your stories!”

“Don’t you want to see how Garko (the dog) dances?”

“Well, I guess I do. Go ahead.”

Bending in half, Jet places her hands on her knees and wiggles her tail. I have to admit, she does a very credible dog dance!

Dog Dance!