A New Broom

A New Broom

As brooms go, at more than 40 years old, mine is ancient. It’s the only broom I’ve ever owned. The straw may be worn, but it’s still very useable. Once upon a time, I tried a new broom with a plastic brush, but it was quickly relegated to the garage. My old broom just felt better. It’s worn more on one side than the other which seems right to me. For the last 27 years, it has hung upside down in my pantry to avoid extra wear on the straw.

The first time Jet spied my broom in the closet she wanted to try it. She loves cleaning! As she sweeps, she often wonders why I don’t get her a smaller broom. “If I can find one,” I tell her.

Last week, I found a broom with an orange telescoping handle. It has a rectangular brush with soft bristles. The lowest setting seemed just the right height for Jet. After breakfast, I told her to look for a surprise. “It’s a BROOM!” “You got a broom, Grandma!”

“I did!”

“Why? Why did you get a broom?”

“It’s a little broom, just your size. I got it for you!”

“Why? Why did you get me a broom?”

Sweeping Together

Sweeping Together

“I thought you’d like it.   This broom can grow with you. When you get bigger, your broom will grow too. One day, it will be as big as my broom!”

“Let’s try it!” Jet raced to the pantry. “Get the scooper!”


“Get the dustpan! Get your broom! We can sweep together!” Jet put the dustpan on the floor. “Just look at this place! Marcy tracked in leaves all over the floor! We’d better clean it!”

We got to work.