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Cleaning the Floor

Cleaning the Floor

“What would you like for breakfast this morning?”

“Oatmeal. I always like to have oatmeal when it’s cold outside. Why didn’t you make it for me?”

“I know how you like to pick out your own cereal! I was waiting for you.”

“Well, I like oatmeal when it’s cold! Look! Marcy is eating her breakfast too! Why do you have to put Marcy’s food up when Bernie is here?”

“So she doesn’t eat Marcy’s food. Marcy likes to eat a little food all day, but Bernie and Garko eat their food all at once.”

“Why does Bernie have her own bowl when she comes to your house?”

“Why don’t you eat out of my bowl when you come to Grandma’s house?”

“I don’t know.”

“We like to have our own bowls, but it’s also nice for Bernie to have something to bring with her from home when she is staying with us… like you bring Kitty.”

“No, that’s not the same… I’m Kitty’s Mommy!”

“Oh, yes. Well, then it’s like the way you bring your blanket and meemie.”

“No, those are for Kitty.”

“The blanket and meemie belong to Kitty?”

“Yes. But she shares them.”

Little Princess

Little Princess

“Can I put on my new Elsa dress after breakfast?”

“Yes, but first you are going to have a bath.”

“I don’t want a bath. Why do I have to have a bath?”

“Daddy said you need one today.”

“My Daddy said I need a bath? Oh… Okay. You know what Grandma? This floor is filthy! We need to clean it up! We’d better get out the broom and sweep it before my bath.”

“Yes, Marcy did track in some leaves this morning. Okay. We can do that before you take your bath if you want.”

“No, I’ll do it after my bath. Daddy said I needed to take one!”

After breakfast, Jet went directly to brush her teeth and take her bath. As soon as she emerged, she donned her bathrobe and swept the floor. When her hair had dried a bit, she was ready to get dressed in a flowing princess dress with mid-length gloves, a train and a crown. This little girl likes to be clean and beautiful for her Daddy!