My Mommy Said It's SNOWING

My Mommy Said It’s SNOWING

“Oh dear, it looks like it’s raining again, Jet. No walk for us.”

“It’s not raining Grandma, it’s snowing!”

“No snow today, just rain.”


“Jet, I can see the rain. I’m looking right at it. Rain is coming down from the sky.”

“My mommy said it’s snowing!”

It’s never wise to contradict the pronouncements of a parent. I tried to remember whether it was snowing when Jet’s mother dropped her off. Maybe it was snowing. Then, again, maybe it was snowing the last time she had a discussion about the weather. Pre-school children are masters of conditionally true statements. For example, “I had a bath.” A true statement as far as it goes because it does not include the day on which said bath occurred.

“Okay. Maybe it was snowing when you were with your mommy this morning, but it is raining now, so we can’t take our walk. What do you want to do instead?”

“I want to be a cat. I’ll be a cat and you can pet me, okay?”

Cat Ears

Cat Ears

Jet made mewling noises and rubbed up against my shoulder. “Shall I scratch you behind your ears?” A new idea glimmered in Jet’s eyes.

“I need some cat ears! Make some, make some… can you make some?”

“Let me try.” I combed Jet’s hair to the top of her head into two ponytails with the ends folded under the rubber band.

Jet shook her head from side to side and bobbed it up and down. Her hair wobbled. She grinned and ran to the mirror. “I’m a CAT!”