An Airplane Flying Over the Zoo

An Airplane Flying Over the Zoo

Why do you have to go potty Grandma?”

“Because I do.”

“But WHY?”

“For the same reason you do Jet. Why do you have to go potty?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, maybe you’d better think about that for awhile….”


[A Few Minutes Later]

“Jet? Are feeling you okay? Does your stomach hurt?”

“No, my stomach doesn’t hurt.”

“Why are you making that sound like your tummy hurts?”

“There’s an airplane coming to the zoo. It’s flying.”

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s time for your bath now. Let’s go get your teeth brushed first.”

“I don’t want to take a bath. I get too cold when I take a bath.”

“You wouldn’t be too cold if you would let me put warm water in the bathtub. You always tell me it’s too hot.”

“It is too hot.”

“I don’t think so. I’m very careful to make sure it isn’t too hot for you.”

“I can’t breathe when I’m too warm. I try but I just can’t breathe when it’s too hot. That’s why I like to have the fan on at night ‘cause I just can’t breath when it’s too warm.”

“Well, I guarantee that if you let me put a little warmer water in the bathtub you will like it better and you’ll want to stay in it a long time.”

I gave Jet some cups to play with in the tub. “Soon you’ll smell fresh as a daisy.”

Fresh As A Daisy

Fresh As A Daisy

“But I don’t want to smell like a daisy!”

“Well, you’ll smell clean. And good. You don’t want to smell like a skunk!”

“There’s no such thing as skunk juice.”

“Skunks have a spray that smells pretty bad.”

“I’m ready to get out now.”

“Okay, let’s try wrapping your hair up in a little towel today. Maybe that will make you feel a little bit warmer.”

“Hey! What are you doing to my hair?!”

“Putting a towel on it.”


“What do you think? What did I just tell you?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought maybe it would keep you a little warmer if your wet hair didn’t touch your neck.”


It’s just something I wanted to try. Is it working?”


“Now look in the mirror. Don’t you look adorable? You’re my little babushka!”

“No I’m not! I’m Jet!”