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Jet Checks Her Crown in the Mirror

Jet Checks Her Crown in the Mirror

More than 100 years ago, my great-grandparents, May and Edgar bought a marble-topped lowboy dresser with an ornately framed mirror. The craftsmanship wasn’t first notch, but somehow the dresser endured and has graced my entryway for more than 25 of those years. At one time or another six generations of the women in my family have gazed at their reflection in this mirror. The glass may be old and a little scratched, but it the image it reflects always seems to improve upon the view from other mirrors.

In her Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast Jet suddenly seems much older. She has outgrown the Anna costume from Frozen that she loved so much last Halloween — but I can see that this dress will quickly replace it in her affections. I think of her mother and aunt in their prom dresses and suddenly I imagine Jet dressing for her first dance. She loves the bright yellow color and hoop skirt that moves as she does. Jet twirls and prances. “My crown, Grandma where is my crown?”

“I have it!” I place it on her head and she runs to the dresser to see how it looks.

“I look like a Princess, don’t I Grandma?”

“You always look like a princess to me, Jet, but this is definitely a princess dress! You look beautiful!”



“I look gor-ge-ous!” She turns to see more of the dress. The flounces catch her eye next. “This is the most beautiful dress in the world!”

“I’m so, so glad you like it!”

“Let’s dance, Grandma!”

We danced.