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French Braids

French Braids

“When I am a grandma, I’m going to have white hair just like yours!”

I smiled. “Yes, I think you probably will someday.” I tried – and failed – to imagine Jet’s delight in the event that her hair begins to grey significantly during her early twenties as mine did. Jet’s hair has the same texture and curl as my hair, so she may have picked up the tendency to grey early as well. If so, I hope she got my good cholesterol to go with it!

“And I’m going to have a shirt just like that one! What color is that shirt?”

I looked down at my shirt. “It’s peach. It’s a peach-colored shirt.”

“Peach.” Jet rolled the word and color around in her mind for a second. “I like peach.”

“I like peach too, but you don’t have to wait until you are a grandma to wear it. You can wear peach clothes now.”

Jet tilted her head up and looked at me appraisingly. “Let’s go to the store and get some, Grandma!”

“You already have a dress with peach in it. Remember? You wore it the day you played in the water and it got wet? I hung it up in the bathroom?” She still seemed unsure, but I had a feeling that I’d be seeing that dress again in the near future.

As it turned out, I saw it the very next day in her bag. Since her mama went back to work, Jet starts her day by coming to grandma’s house in her pajamas. After she eats breakfast, brushes her teeth, and has her bath, she gets dressed and I do her hair. Jet loves to have her hair styled. She stands very still while I comb it out and part it for two braids, (like Disney’s Anna), one braid (like Elsa), unbraided pigtails, or anything else I can imagine. After the hair is in place, Jet likes to add as many ribbons, bows and barrettes as I will allow.

That day, we chose dark peach hair ribbon (almost orange) to go with the peach-striped drop-waist dress. Jet’s hair was swept up in two high pigtails with two clips to help hold the hair at the front in place. She admired her ensemble in the mirror and pronounced it “gorgeous” a new word she picked up from my admiration of her artwork.

Jet’s hairstyle rarely survives her nap in pristine condition. If she is wearing French braids, she sports a slightly fuzzy halo after nap time. If she is in pigtails, however, Jet usually asks me to re-do her hair so that she can “look pretty for daddy,” when he comes to get her after work. She really looks forward to the moment when he says, “Your hair looks pretty today,” and he never disappoints!

Jet’s hair has never been cut. She was born with a good amount of hair and in her nearly three years, she’s grown it almost to the middle of her back. The ability to grow long hair quickly is definitely not something she got from me! I foresee a day when she will lose patience with the process of washing, combing and styling. In the meantime, we are both enjoying her crowning glory!