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Jet Sets the Scene

Jet Sets the Scene

Jet and I have borrowed several versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears from the library this year. She was inspired to create her own version of the story using a set of toy pandas, some dollhouse furniture and a plastic bin. I took photos as the story unfolded:

“Here’s the mama bear, the baby bear and the daddy bear having their breakfast. Here’s the dog watching them. Dogs can’t sit in chairs, so he has to stay on the floor.” Jet folded the legs of the larger pandas and placed them in the chairs. The baby’s head moved, but not his legs, so he was perched carefully in his high chair.

The Three Pandas and Their Dog Ready for Breakfast

The Three Pandas (and their dog) Ready for Breakfast

“The daddy thinks his oatmeal is too hot so they gotta take the dog for a walk while they wait for it to cool off.” Jet moved the family to the park — a book on the couch.

“Look! Here comes The Goldilocks. She just comes in their house and eats the baby’s food. Then she sits in his highchair and breaks it. She’s not too big for this highchair – just pretend!” Jet knocked the baby’s chair over. “Oh, no, here she goes upstairs to the bedroom.”

The Goldilocks in the Baby's Bed

The Goldilocks in the Baby’s Bed

Jet moved Goldilocks to the top of the bin where she found three beds, tried each and went to sleep in the baby’s bed. “Now, here comes the bears — coming home again!”

“The Goldilocks runs away! The baby bear’s chair is broken, but don’t worry the mama bear can fix it.” Jet reset the chair.

“Now everybody go to bed.” The mama and daddy bear were placed in the big bed together. The baby bear was placed in the cradle, and the other bed? That belonged to the dog, of course!

Now, Everybody Go To Bed!

Now, Everybody Go To Bed!

“The end!”