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Jet and Her "Disney's Frozen" Shovel

Jet and Her “Disney’s Frozen” Shovel

The sun had come out, the snow looked like it might pack and the temperature had warmed just enough to think about going outside to build a snowperson. Jet and I put on our boots, gloves, hats (earmuffs) and coats and headed out the front door.

Despite our best efforts, however, neither of us could make even a small snowball, so we took our shovels and made a snow mound instead. A little patting and pressing helped produce what I thought resembled a credible snowwoman wearing a floor-length gown. We’ve been reading short stories about the characters from Disney’s Frozen, so Jet wanted nothing to do with a feminine version. “No he’s not a girl! He’s a boy!”

I know better than to try to argue with that tone of voice. “Okay Jet, he’s a boy.” I added a little midriff padding to diminish the original bust line.

“He needs arms, Grandma! We need to get arms!”

“Okay, let’s look for sticks!” We made a quick circle of the front yard but found nothing useful.

Suddenly, Jet had an epiphany. “Papa and I put sticks behind the shed! Let’s go!” She raced toward the backyard as fast as her little fur-topped pink-booted feet could carry her. We found several branches just where her steel-trap mind remembered leaving them in the fall. I broke off two arm-sized pieces and we ran back to the front yard.

Something was missing. “He needs a nose, he needs a nose, he needs a NOSE! Let’s go get it!” We double-timed it to the back of the shed and broke off another piece. The arms and nose suited him perfectly. We’d made our very own magical snowman and another magical day.

“Take a picture with you phone!” It was a rare request, as Jet has developed quite an aversion to having her photo taken, but I surreptitiously managed to capture her in several shots too!

Our Snowman

Our Snowman