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A Plethora of Toddler Panties

A Plethora of Toddler Panties

Jet’s upset stomach last night (I’ll spare you the details), left her with nothing to put in the potty this morning. She expended considerable energy crying and demanding her diaper, but by the time she had finished breakfast she was ready to face the day with her usual good humor.

I coaxed her to rehydrate by counting sips of water. We counted to 10 three times. Then I counted to 40 and more until her cup was empty. Time passed. More water was consumed. Eventually I felt she must be ready to burst, but she insisted she felt no need to use the potty.

I reminded her to listen to her body.   “What is your body saying to you?”

“It’s saying ‘you need to pee’.”

“Are you going to listen to your body?”


“If you don’t listen to your body you may have an accident.”

“I’m going to cross my legs.” She demonstrated the procedure for me pressing her left leg over her right and tightly compressing her thighs.

Where on earth did this come from? Heaven help me I’m going to laugh. How did she learn to do THAT? Don’t laugh… do NOT laugh….

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Hard. Jet looked at me reproachfully. “Why are you laughing, Grandma?”

“It seemed funny to me that you would try so hard not to use the potty, Jet. Does it hurt when you try not to have an accident?”


“Then it’s time for you to sit on the potty.”

“The timer didn’t go off.”

“I didn’t set the timer today. I thought you were going to listen to your body.”

“I want to listen to the timer.”

I set the timer for 20 seconds. “Okay, the timer went off. Please sit on the potty now.”

“Elephant is sitting on the potty now.”

“Elephant is done. It’s your turn.”


“Jet. We are not going to argue about this. Putting pee in the potty is your job and it is time for you to do it.” I gave her my best no-nonsense face.

She sat. She went. No accidents today.