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Millie Tries the Potty

Millie Tries the Potty

On the second morning of potty training, Jet fulfilled her obligations quickly. After a nice breakfast in Grandma’s kitchen, Jet slipped easily into the 30-minute routine. No successes, but no failures either! Just before noon, she noticed a plastic bag near the paper towels.

“Why you put this here, Grandma?”

“In case you have an accident, I got the bag to put your wet pants in.”

“You have two bags, Grandma! Why do you have TWO bags?”

I didn’t get a chance to tell her that I had the other bag ready to hold any paper towels used in the event of an accident. At that very moment, a look of horror came over her face and she began to wail “I PEEING! I PEEING.” By the time her pants, the floor and her socks were wet, she was sobbing inconsolably.

We took off her wet things and put them in the first bag, and I held her until she stopped crying. I reminded her that the little girl in her potty training book had an accident too. Sometimes these things happen. Everything would be okay.

Once she was clean and dressed in dry pants and socks, I asked her what happened in her book after the accident.

“She put her pee in the potty next time.”

“She DID! And you can do that too!”

Jet asked to call her mother, to tell her what happened and get some motherly consolation. She felt so much better after talking to Mommy that I asked her if she’d like to try the potty again. Success! More calls to Mommy, Aunt Mary, Daddy and Papa. Everyone was SO PROUD!

After lunch she wanted to try the bathroom potty seat and claimed a small (very, very small) measure of success before I put on her diaper for naptime. She proudly wore her underwear over the diaper. Jet slept well but woke up slightly wet. She insisted I replace the dry underwear when I took off the diaper.

When the timer went off again, she didn’t want to sit on the potty. She pointed out that she was standing on the plastic covering. “You can clean it up if I have an accident, Grandma!”

This child is always thinking! “You don’t want wet pants! Your job is to keep them dry by trying to put your pee in the potty!” Jet sat, but was resistant the next time the timer rang as well.

“Jet, you need to try to pee before you go home with Daddy!”

“I hold it, until I get home” she said, using her hand to demonstrate how she would prevent herself from wetting Daddy’s car. I have no doubt she is indeed capable, but her father and I presented a united front and she sat as directed.   I can’t wait to hear about the trip home!