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Jet With Toy Food and Cooking Equipment

Jet With Toy Food and Cooking Equipment

Jet’s become a little more adventurous with breakfast recently, trying Wheat Chex, Raisin Bran, Cheerios, oranges and banana in addition to her favorite oatmeal and yogurt. Lately, she needs to have some of whatever her Grandpa and I are eating in addition to her own food — and her eyes have been bigger than her stomach. The last thing she asks to add to the menu invariably languishes on her plate, so I’ve taken to telling her that she can have something else when she’s finished what she already has.

The other day, she’d eaten milk, cereal, a miniature orange and a second helping of cereal. The orange dripped a few spots of juice on her tray.

“Get a paper towel Grandma! I made a mess!”

“How do you ask Grandma to get something for you?”

“Get a paper towel please!”

As she wiped her tray vigorously she began asking for more food. “I want some banana. Banana! I want banana now.”

“Are you sure you’re still hungry? What is your tummy saying? Is it full?”

“Yes! I hungry! I want a banana! Banana PLEASE!

I gave her half a banana and started cleaning up the kitchen.

“All done,” she announced. “I want yogurt!”

“Yogurt!? I think you’ve had enough for now.”

“NO! Yogurt! Yogurt! Yogurt!”

“If you are still hungry after you’ve played for awhile, I’ll get you some yogurt for a snack. Let’s clean you up now.”

I removed the tray from her high chair and carried it to the sink where I discovered that the uneaten banana had been artfully wrapped in the paper towel.

“Jet! You little stinker! Did you hide this banana from Grandma?”

“Yes.” She wasn’t sure how I felt about this maneuver. I’d never called her a little stinker before.

“Did you hide it because you didn’t want to eat it?”

Her chin tilted up. “Yes. I want down.”

Jet has told me that her diaper is dry when it’s wet. She’s told me she isn’t tired when she is. She’s insisted that a girl is a boy. But this was her first planned deception. At least it was the first time I caught her. “You don’t need to hide your food sweetie. If you’re done eating that’s fine.”

“I’m done! Clean me up!”

“How do you ask politely?”

“Clean me up please!”