The Nursery Is Ready

It’s the lull before the storm. At least that’s what it feels like to me. Jet’s mama, my own dear baby girl is about to deliver both her second and third child on the same day. Yes, twins. My grandsons. Jet’s brothers.

We’ve been imagining them, their names, their nursery and the seemingly impossible logistics of infancy squared for a very long time. This hasn’t made them any less scary. “TWO babies!” Jet chortles and I think yes, but in many ways, she is still a baby herself. My daughter must cope with three car seats, three baths, three children to dress and diaper multiple times each day. I’m tired just thinking about it!

I have to admit that I don’t feel completely competent to be the grandmother of boys. My children were girls. Men and little men-in-training always have been something of a mystery to me. For example, I will never understand what they find so amusing about flatulence, or the word “poop.”

Thanks to my nephews and great-nephews, I’ve learned to keep a straight face and show no sign of weakness when a little boy does or says something they hope I’ll find disgusting. I’ve learned to hide any irritation I may experience as the result of a never-ending sound loop of car, gun and body cavity noises, too. Sometimes it seems as if little boys live for the moment that you beg them to stop – so they can continue harder and louder! I have no idea what causes this behavior in boys but it seems to be ubiquitous. Before I know it, my grandsons will be searching for the chink in my armor, and with a built in co-conspirator at the ready, they’ll probably find it!

On the other hand, my nephews and great-nephews have also shown me that little girls don’t hold a monopoly on sweetness and affection. I’m expecting plenty of hugs and cuddles from my grandsons — at least until they hit double digits. Two babies means I’ll have two more chances to view the world through new, fresh eyes: falling in love with an old story for the first time; tasting sweet and sour; hearing music; watching the rain fall; talking, singing, dancing and laughing; sliding and swinging; learning how the world works one day at time. Best of all, two more children to love!

It’s nearly time, little ones. The world is loud and bright and the temperature is never right, but your family will be standing by, waiting for you. You can’t imagine how many people already love you, including me – your Grandma.