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Finding a Stick

Finding a Stick

We had to walk more slowly than usual because my right knee wasn’t cooperating Monday morning, but Jet didn’t seem to notice any difference. She was very busy enjoying the warmer weather and singing a four or five note little ditty of her own composition:

We’re walking. We’re walking.
e gots on hats and glubs.
We’re walking on the sidewalk.
The lebes are off the trees….

“A STICK! I found a STICK!”

“Yes, I see you did. It’s a very nice stick, too.”


The song resumed:

I gots a stick, stick, stick.
Poke the dirt with a stick.
Stick in the grass,
Stick on the sidewalk.
Poke the dirt!

Every few seconds Jet stopped to put the stick into the soft ground. This was just fine with my knee.  Back to the song, which was beginning to sound like The Farmer in the Dell:

The lebes are off the trees,
The lebes are off the trees,
Hi ho the dare-bie-doh the lebes are off the trees!”

“I found ANOTHER stick, Grandma! YOU take it.”

My stick beat the time to her song:

Jet and Grandma gots sticks
We gots two sticks
Hi ho the dare-bie-doh sticks, sticks sticks!

She touched her stick to mine and I tapped hers back.

We’re hitting our sticks!
We’re hitting our sticks!
Hi ho we’re hitting our sticks
We’re hitting our sticks togedher!

“Walk in the grass with me, Grandma!”

“Not today, my knee wants me to stay on the sidewalk today.”

“This is a good day. Jet’s having a good day.”

“That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you are having a good day!”

“We’re having FUN Grandma!”

“Why thank you sweet pea! I’m having fun with you too!”

An’’ we’re walking!
Walking, walking, walking!
Dog poop, dog poop on the grass,
Don’t step in the dog poop!

It’s a very good day,
It’s a very good day,
A good, good day!