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Where's My Fire Car?

Where’s My Fire Car?

Jet’s head whips around at the starting wail from the fire station around the corner. “Let’s go see it, Grandma!”

“That one is too far away. We’ll have to see one another time.”

“Where’s MY fire car, Grandma?”

I tell her that it is still in the laundry bag that contained the Fisher Price Little People set. All she has to do is get it. She has already retrieved most of the parts, but the cars and fire engine are still inside.

Jet is a master at removing toys from bins and boxes, but this bag is tricky. She can’t see the toys, but she can feel them. They don’t come out when she shakes the bag. She tries to look in the bag, but the soft fabric obstructs her line of vision.

“Jet can’t see!” she complains.

I offer a sound of agreement, but she hasn’t asked for help, so I don’t try to give her any. She puts her face in the bag, but still can’t see the toys.

Going Deeper Into the Bag

Going Deeper!

Face in the Bag

Face in the Bag

She tries to pull the bag over her head without success. She is so focused and intent on her objective that she doesn’t notice my stifled laughter.

Finally, she sits down and puts her arm in the bag too. “I find it! I find it!” she shouts.

“Good job!”

She's Got It!

She’s Got It!

As she withdraws her head, she sees that I have my phone in my hand. “No pictures, Grandma!”

I sigh. I remember this stage. For her mother it started when she said, “Take you eye off that [camera] thing!” I guess I’m going to have to brush up on my covert photography techniques!