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Hunting for Leaves With Daisy the Rabbit and a Red Wagon

Hunting for Leaves With Daisy the Rabbit and a Red Wagon

Sometimes, as we take our morning walk, Jet quotes from Dr. Seuss: “Walk walk – we like to walk. Walk talk – we like to talk.” Jet enjoys sharing her thoughts and engaging in conversation.

“This leaf is wet, Grandma. I look for another one.”

“Yes, I think you can find a better one. Do see that red one? Would you like that one?”

“No, Grandma! Jet like-a-find her OWN leaves!”

“Yes, I know you like to find your own leaves. Grandma will just walk while you look.”

“No, Grandma TALK!”

“Okay. What shall we talk about?” Silence. “What do you want Grandma to talk about?”

“Jet has TWO Grandmas!”

“I know! Did you see your other grandma this weekend?”

Jet wasn’t quite sure about the question, so she answered with “Grandma has a CAT!”

“A cat! Do pet the cat?”

“No. Cat runs away.”

“Does your other Grandma have toys too?”


“What toys does she have?”

Jet responded with an illustration of the way she’d prefer this conversation to proceed: “Does she have puzzles? NOOO!”

I played along in the 20 questions mode: “Does she have dolls?”


“Does she have beads?”


“Does she have cars?”

“Yes! Grandma has cars!”

I should have guessed that first. Jet is the only girl among 7 grandchildren on that side of her family. When her twin brothers are born, she will be one of 9!

Checking Out the Sculpture at Toys R US

Checking Out the Sculpture at Toys R US

After our walk we went to Toys R Us.   Our mission: to buy cloth diapers for Jet’s baby brothers – their future comforters or “meemies.” Jet was excited to go shopping, but the sun bothered her eyes in the car.
“Grandma forgot Jet’s sunglasses at home!”

“I’m sorry. Close your eyes.”

“I closing my eyes. Grandma remember sunglasses next time!”

“I’ll try.”

“You forget the glasses at home an Jet gets sun in her eyes!”

“Yes, I’m sorry! Maybe I should get a sunshade for the car.”

She went easily into the cart, directing her feet into the appropriate openings – a big difference since our last shopping trip.

“Grandma pushing me and we talk.”

“Okay. Here we go.”

We found the meemies and put them in the cart. I bought a pair of sunshades. We talked about the things we saw and what she thought of them. She told me what she had at home or at Grandma’s house. Her eyes grew big and round when she saw the lighted dioramas in the Lego section. “Look, Grandma! Can we get that?”

“Not today. It’s too expensive.”

We took our purchase to the checkout counter. Jet passed the merchandise to the clerk. “These is for my baby brudders!” she announced. “My mommy has TWO babies in her belly. There’s food in my belly. Daddy has food in his belly.”

The clerk glanced at me, “Twins?” At my nod, she took the time to ask Jet what she was going to do with the babies.

Jet was proud to have the answer, “Hold them, feed them, change diapers!”

“Are you going to play with them?”

“No, they too little, but I can help!”

The clerk was all smiles as we left the store.

“Let’s go in ANOTHER store Grandma!”

We browsed around the baby and toy section of a nearby store. A package of newborn socks printed to look like basketball high-tops caught her eye. “Let’s get these socks for my brudders too!”

I hesitated for just a second. They socks were not expensive and they were adorable. Each pair was lined up inside the package on tiny foot forms. “Okay. We’ll get them. You can take them with you when you go to the hospital to visit your mommy after the babies are born.”

Jet was excited at the opportunity to tell another cashier her news. “These socks is for my baby brudders! We take them to the “hos-ti-pal” when I go see them!” I was hit by a sudden jolt of memory: Jet’s mama pronounced hospital just that way.

“She is ADORABLE!” enthused the cashier and a nearby shopper. “You are SO lucky! Have fun with her, Grandma!”

“No worries on that score!” I assured them.

Socks for Jet's Baby Brothers

Socks for Jet’s Baby Brothers