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Miniature Cypress

Miniature Cypress

After our morning walk, Jet and I drove to Lowe’s to pick up a few things. I had a little trouble lifting her into the basket seat — partly because her body didn’t seem to want to bend in the right places, but also because her recent growth spurt has brought her closer to the maximum dead weight I can raise above my shoulders.

“Help me!” I pleaded. She seemed clueless but willing to try. “Stand up! Put your feet on the seat!” Her legs bent to one side. I was about to give up and put her back on the ground when both feet slid into one leg opening. I had no choice but to extricate her with an additional lift. “Look down! See the holes? Put one foot in each opening!” Miraculously, she complied. “Whew! You’re getting so big!”

“I buckle it! I buckle it!” she informed me when I tried to fasten the seat strap.

We quickly picked up the few the items on my list and went out to the greenhouse to look at perennials. I didn’t see any I wanted, but Jet took great interest in the fall pansies. She remembered planting pansies with me in the spring. Some very small (and practically free) cypress bushes caught my eye as a possible container plant for the front porch. The tag said they wouldn’t survive the winter in a pot, but I thought they might look nice until the first deep freeze, so I picked them up.

As we returned to the car, I discovered that the battery on my car key had died. I opened the trunk manually and put everything but the cypress in it. Those, I thought should be on the floor of the back seat. Next, over to the cart corral. Removing Jet from the seat was much easier than putting her in it!

Jet began to repeat “Cart bags, Grandma! Cart bags!” She has a great vocabulary and better than average diction, but I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying until we passed a couple who clearly thought she was adorable.

And then it dawned on me that Jet is not just adorable but really smart, and she was trying her best to tell me that I’d left the Cyprus bushes in the cart.

“Thank you!” I told her as we turned to get them.

“You welcome!” she answered.