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Watching Rain on the Front Porch

Watching Rain on the Front Porch

The rain put a damper on our outside activities this week. I was tempted to teach Jet the nursery rhyme about rain, but I didn’t want to jinx the continued precipitation which has been sorely needed to help offset the past several years of drought.

So, we watched the water fill the birdbath, bounce on the roof and puddle on the porch. We put up a tent indoors and danced to the radio. We saw a chipmunk climb a tree to look in the kitchen window – something new and startling to me. I lifted Jet up to see it face to face, impressing her with my own enthusiasm if not the sight of a chipmunk swaying on a branch of the magnolia.

When the sun finally came out, we ventured into the yard. The weeds had flourished in my absence, so Jet and I worked on pulling them. The wet ground made the task easy and the growing pile of weeds excited Jet. “Good work!” I praised as I stood up, conking my head on the bird feeder above me.

Jet watched me put my hand to the top of my head and grit my teeth to hold back timely and appropriate expletives. “Gramma get boo-boo?” she asked solicitously.

“Yes, Grandma hurt her head. Whoa! She really did,” I said.

“Gramma sit,” she directed, taking me to the porch swing. “I kiss it!”

After the kiss, we sat on the swing for a minute, gently rocking back and forth until I rubbed my head again. Jet immediately entered miniature nurse mode. “Go inside. Get Ipac,” she commanded.

Having recently looked at iPhones, I couldn’t quite place an “Ipac.” “I don’t know what you are saying,” I told her.

“Inside,” she repeated. “Get IPac. Put it on you head!”

We went inside and Jet made a beeline to the refrigerator where the light dawned in my recently abused brain. I opened the freezer and Jet pulled out an ice pack. She demonstrated her preferred method of application. I managed to get a photo before sitting down with a very cold bag of gel on my head. She was right, by the way: I felt much better!

How to Apply an Ice Pack to the Head

How to Apply an Ice Pack to the Head