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Jonathan Harry

Jonathan Harry

Four dolls live at Grandma’s house.   Jonathan Harry came from the Cabbage Patch in 1986.  He boasts no hair but carries a white “scar” on his noggin.  His newborn-sized pajamas (once worn by Jet’s mama) are a tad too large.  Around his neck he wears a pink bib that proclaims, “it’s a girl thing!”  Galen, also of Cabbage Patch origin was born in 1985, but not adopted until 2014.  He was a foundling from an antique shop and came to us with his original clothing and shoes intact.  Millie, a preemie Cabbage Patch was adopted in 1987.  She wears a mint green ensemble, shortened to fit and smells faintly of baby powder.  Finally, Jammie Pie (which is both a brand and her name) was adopted in 1988.  Her clothing is of one piece with her soft and cuddly body.

Jet’s affections immediately settled on Jonathan Harry as her doll-friend of choice.

Jonathan Has Breakfast

Jonathan Has Breakfast

Except for his shoes, poor Galen seems to offer nothing of interest.  Millie is occasionally offered a seat in the toy high chair, but neither she nor Jammie Pie has been invited to listen to stories on Grandma’s lap.  That honor belongs to Jonathan alone.  Jet makes sure that he has breakfast as soon as her own is finished.  She talks to him while he eats.  She makes sure that he has his blanket when he needs to take a nap.  In the middle of doing something else, she suddenly wonders where he might be hiding and runs to find him.

Clearly, Jonathan Harry is special.   The wonder and beauty of Jet’s choice is that Jonathan was also once her mother’s special friend, and she loved him just as well.  Watching Jonathan and Jet together nearly overwhelms me with memories.


Jet and Her Sesame Street Friends

An even more overpowering déjà vu hit me this week, however, when Jet discovered the figurines I had pulled from my “little people” box.  “Grover!” she gasped, then “Bird and Ernie!” [Big Bird was correctly identified, but Ernie is actually a minor but similarly colored Muppet newscaster whose name I have forgotten.]  Rapid and unintelligible conversation followed between Jet and the Grover and Grover and the other characters.  Her mother also loved little figurines and small stuffed animals and she used to make them interact with each other just this way.  Before I could get too choked up with reminiscences, Jet looked up at me… “Get ELMO!” she demanded.  “Sunnnyyyy Day,” I sang, as I went to fetch Elmo from the changing area, “Chasing the clouds away…” Jet began to dance.  Her momma danced to Sesame Street too.  As my father used to say, “déjà vu all over again!”

Elmo and Friends

Clockwise from left: Bird, Elmo, Newscaster, Thing 2, and Grover