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Sorted Eggs in a Carton

Sorted Eggs

Plastic eggs bought at the bargain price of $2.48 for 3 dozen engaged much of Jet’s attention this week.  How, you wonder can plastic eggs fix the interest of a toddler for hours on end?  Let me enlighten you:

  • Open
  • Shut
  • Count
  • Sort by color
  • Name by color
  • Play Hide and Seek with Grandma
  • Observe wobbling and rolling
  • Fill an empty cereal box
  • Empty the cereal box (and repeat)
  • Fill an empty egg carton
  • Transfer into a second empty egg carton (and repeat)
A "hidden" egg

A “hidden” egg

Jet doesn’t quite have the concept of Hide and Seek, but she loves it nonetheless.  Our game started with hiding biscuits for the dog to find, something my husband and I do to keep our anxious pet occupied when we leave the house.  I showed Jet how we could hide the biscuits and the dog would find them.  I let her hide them on her own the next day.  “Find them Marcy!” she chortled… and then proceeded to direct the dog to all the hiding places.

When I hid the eggs for her to find, she covered her eyes with her hands (but peeked) and so, of course found them right away.  When it was my turn to find the eggs she had little interest in whether I found them or not but took great pleasure in the hiding of them!

Counting Eggs

Counting Eggs

A sudden warm spell allowed us to take a walk on Monday.  Although the temperature neared 50 degrees, snow lined the gutters and corners of the streets, but the sidewalks were clear.  Jet held firmly to my hand, plodding forward with great purpose.  The dog trotted amiably at her left side.  Neither of them stopped to look at the snow, a stick or even an available fire hydrant, but both seemed happy making progress in the sunshine.

Rain fell throughout the next day.  The sight of it did nothing to deter Jet’s desire to take another walk.  “Put on Marcy coat!” she demanded as she stood on tiptoes in her effort to open the closet door.  At first I was puzzled.  Had she ever even seen the dog’s seldom-worn sweater?  Eventually it dawned on me:  the leash was stored in the closet.  Although she did not know the word for leash she had found a substitute that made sense!  Naturally, as her grandma I thought she was incredibly clever to have thought of such a thing… but she still didn’t get her walk.  It was simply too wet!

The next best thing on a rainy day?  Reading Hop on Pop and other assorted favorites.  Jet was in a cuddly mood (maybe it was the rain?) and demanded a large number of repeat performances.  Luckily, her mama arrived just as Grandma’s voice gave out!